Motivational Speaker - Christine Handy

Join Christine Handy as she shares her personal journey from a world of labels and superficiality to a far richer world of friendship, loyalty and love.

After a series of debilitating health crises, including one that has left her permanently disabled; Christine has devoted herself to sharing her journey with others, while educating and consoling them.

Author of the national best-selling novel Walk Beside Me, Christine recounts her experiences with cancer, illness, and the power of friendship, prayer, and hope. Walk Beside Me is a tale of sickness and triumph, of being comfortable in your own skin, of valuing the things that have true value, and of learning to fight for yourself and what you truly want. It’s the story of a woman who peels away the layers to find her inner warrior, a woman who faces insurmountable odds and—thanks to her earthly Angels—learns to treasure the gift of God’s infinite light and love. Christine says “It took nearly dying to realize how much I want to live.”

Speech Takeaways Include:

  • Finding Purpose in Our Pain
  • A cautionary tale of medical malfeasance
  • The Power of Inner Reflection
  • Empowerment through friendship and faith