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New York, NY --- Walk Beside Me, by Christine Handy (Proper Press, LLC) is the amazing story of one woman's journey from a world fashion, fame, and money to one of cancer and healing; it is about a life that goes from the glitter of New York’s fashion world and designer labels to one of loneliness, fear, illness, and finally recovery. It is a story of love, friendship and survival. It is the kind of story that will bring tears and cheers to anyone who has been given a diagnosis of cancer as well as to those whose loved ones and friends have been given such a diagnosis. It is an inspiring story that readers will benefit from and want to share with others. 

Walk Beside Me is a fictionalized story of a picture-perfect life: A stunning model turned wife and mother, who lives in a beautiful home with her husband and two kids in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Ohio. On the outside, she has everything. On the inside, she struggles with issues of self worth. Spurned by her neglectful husband and disparaged and criticized by her rebellious children, she never feels she is good enough to survive her many treatments with debilitating and potent chemotherapy drugs as well as her two mastectomies. Her life is crumbling, and her loved ones don’t care. What could possibly be worse?

Her downward spiral begins with a routine colon operation that goes horribly wrong, leaving her near death.  A yoga injury leads to a series of surgeries and misdiagnoses, ultimately ending in a full wrist fusion and permanent loss of motion in her right arm. And then, as if she hasn't suffered enough, she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Convinced that no one will stand by her for one more day of sickness and depression, she prepares to end her life.

Previously unbeknownst to her, she has the most amazingly devoted group of friends. A group of inspiring and truly devoted women come to her rescue: they won’t let her commit suicide. And, they won’t let her walk alone. These extraordinary women, who are all living prominent lives with demanding schedules that often take them around the globe, take turns staying with her, twenty-four hours a day. They accompany her to countless doctors appointments, to her chemo sessions, and back home they do everything for her, from feeding her to bathing her to cleaning up after her. They are her angels, and they walk beside every step of the way of her long recovery.

They lift her spirits; they laugh and cry with her. They share their stories, some funny, some sad. They walk beside her on sidewalks in Cleveland and Miami. They walk beside her spiritually and emotionally, soothing her heartache, boosting her self-esteem, and reminding her that every single minute of her life is abundantly worth living. 

Walk Beside Me is an enthralling story of sickness and triumph, of being comfortable in your own skin, of valuing the things that have true value, and of learning to fight for yourself and what you truly want. It's the story of a woman who peels away the layers to find her inner warrior, a woman who faces insurmountable odds and—thanks to her earthly Angels—learns to treasure the gift of God's infinite light and love. 

Walk Beside Me is sure to be a major best seller; every woman who has had breast cancer or any major trial in life will find in this story a deep sense of reassurance and purpose. It is a beautifully written and uplifting story of one woman’s descent into the darkest depths of self-pity and depression and her ultimate ascent into a bright new day of hope, love, and happiness. 

Walk Beside Me is available at and in three editions: hardcover: $24.95. paperback:  $14.95. eBook: $8.99.

About the Author:

Christine Handy is a St. Louis-raised and Dallas and Miami-based real-life cancer survivor. Prior to her battles with cancer, she endured a series of health problems with serious complications and long roads to recovery. She had lived a picture-perfect life as a wife and mother, with a successful modeling career and a rich social life. She was physically fit, athletic, and beautiful. Hers was the American dream turned to reality, then to nightmare, and finally to a new life of independence, self-confidence, and fulfillment. 
An accomplished model in both the national and international sphere, Handy began modeling at the tender age of 11 and continued into her adult years.  During her career, she was featured in campaigns for such well-known brands as Guess, J. Crew, J. C. Penney, Bud Light, Pepsi, Petco, and Target. Handy, who is now an advocate for women with breast cancer, is donating 15% of the sales price of her book to breast cancer research.