Back To School at 50 Years Old - Hello Harvard!

Updated: Nov 24

Going back to Harvard University at 50 years old to get my masters degree.

When I get asked : Why Harvard at 49 years old, I laugh. After 28 rounds of chemo- too many- and 21 non-elective surgeries I laugh at the thought that I can not accomplish what I want. Since my cancer diagnosis, I have become a best-selling author, motivational speaker, sought after speaker in Florida prison system, Nationally recognized humanitarian, model, and so much more.

I, WE, can truly accomplish anything and any time of our lives. I graduated from Southern Methodist University over 25 years ago.

Going back to get my masters degree in Creative Writing and Literature was just a step on the unstoppable road for me since my diagnosis.

When your faith is in the eternal, and you leave it up to Him, there is nothing that can stop me-US. My faith has stomped on my fears, my faith has triumphed over my illnesses, YES, many and I am the epitome of Faith over Fear.

Harvard was out of touch for too many years because I had no self esteem to try to go for it. After I completed my season of cancer I decided to go for all of it. Harvard included.

I have been in school for about a year and a half.

I also had a very bad case of Chemo brain after so much treatment. I was unwilling to live like that and school, learning, was my way out.

The best advice I can give anyway is work on your self-esteem. When we cheer for ourselves, believe in ourselves and walk through life caring about our self worth we are much more likely to accomplish goals that were once untouchable.

Be you, cheer for you and look in the mirror and say I LOVE YOU

Christine Handy


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