Walk Beside Me now available!!

Walk Beside Me is a novel about cancer, illness, prayer, hope, and the power of friendship—but it’s also about so much more. Willow Adair could be anyone—your sister, your mother, your best friend, yourself—and sometimes only by reading fiction do we allow the deepest truths of human experience to wash over us like a warm summer’s rain. Walk Beside Me became a national best seller in April 2016 as people connected with Willow’s story and her message.


10% of all book sales will be donated to EBeauty. EBeauty’s mission is to enhance and strengthen the education, funding and community support for women undergoing cancer treatments. This organization works to improve the quality of life of for these women through the implementation of its Wig Exchange Program and through awareness building events. EBeauty’s primary goal is to give all women, regardless of economic status, access to wigs to restore their self-image and confidence during